Celebration assemblies at Tanbridge House School


Tanbridge House School held a series of Celebration Assemblies for students of Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 earlier this month.

Each special event was planned to chart the successes of the year.

Parents and Carers were invited to school to take part in specially designed assemblies. Prizes were awarded in all academic subjects for “highest performance” and “most improvement.”

A special mention was also given to students who had overcome challenging circumstances and to those who had achieved 100% attendance.

Additional top prizes were awarded by the Leader of Year and a Headteacher Award was presented to the outstanding student of the each year group.

Jacob Tasker in Year 7; Ana Lanzon in Year 8; Bronwen Thomas in Year 9, and Emily Jacob and Hayley Rose in Year 10.

Jules White, Headteacher, said: “The Assemblies form a regular landmark in our school calendar.

“They provide us with an occasion to celebrate with our students; whether it is for achievement, or equally as important, recognising the students who have made the most improvement in their studies during the school year.

The assemblies also give the year group the opportunity to reflect on everything they have achieved together through the course of the year.”

Article and picture contributed by Tanbridge House School.