Sussex Safer Roads Partnership runs workshops to save lives on roads

With an estimated £10bn lost to the UK economy every year through work-related road accidents, the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is arranging free workshops to lower drivers’ and companies’ road risk, protecting lives and business’ bottom lines.

The costs of having an accident while driving for work can be significant. Aside from repair bills, which average £860, ‘hidden costs’ can include hire of replacement vehicles, lost productivity and damage to a company’s reputation.

This is in addition to the nearly incalculable human cost of death or serious injury – and in Sussex, one third of all individuals who are killed or seriously injured on the roads were driving for work at the time of their incident.

To help mitigate some of these risks, the COSTS Project is offering business drivers, their managers and fleet directors free workshops during October and November.

These workshops are designed to increase knowledge around road safety issues, offer practical advice and guidance on increasing safety behind the wheel as well as helping companies to comply with the legal demands placed upon them.

Two free workshops are available: Lunch and Learn – delivered to drivers in their place of work, the Lunch and Learn workshops examine causes and consequences of incidents, and offer key strategies to mitigate risks faced on the roads, and Occupational Road Risk Assessments – these are designed to help company owners and fleet managers develop robust road risk policies, giving strategic advice to ensure that drivers are protected and relevant legislation is complied with.

These workshops can be arranged at a time and location to suit a company’s needs and are completely free to Sussex businesses.

Ian Jeffrey, project director for the COSTS Project, said: “Developing a strong road safety culture is key to helping businesses reduce unnecessary costs incurred in even minor collisions.

“Our free workshops are a step towards developing this culture and saving companies significant amounts of money in the process. These workshops are available during October and November, but places are filling fast – so early registration is highly recommended.

“Having a strong road safety culture could mean the difference between life and death on the roads. When you consider the number of non-injury incidents that take place, such a culture could also mean the difference between profit and loss, especially for small businesses.”

To book a free Lunch and Learn workshop or Occupational Road Risk Assessment, visit their website.