92-year-old’s care plan axed in county savings

A WOMAN has hit out at ‘disgusting’ cuts being made to adult social care by West Sussex County Council.

Jean Hobbs said her 92-year-old mother’s evening care was being withdrawn following an assessment.

The county council is looking to save £4.3m on the service. The plans propose that the council would no longer provide for ‘moderate level’ needs – focusing on ‘substantial’ and ‘critical’ level needs only.

Ms Hobbs, 63, said her mother Elizabeth Parker, who lives in Horsham, paid a contribution of £57 a week for her care services and adult services had financed the rest.

But now she has been told she will not have a carer in the evening which includes help with her cleaning, laundry and shopping.

She said: “To sort of take that help away from my mum, her age group, is disgusting.”

Ms Hobbs, who lives in Storrington, has back problems and is unable to help her mother. Ms Hobbs added: “I can’t do the cleaning and shopping for my mum, I mean I’ve problems doing my own.”

She had spoken to Age Concern who offer a help at home scheme, she said.

For more about how the cuts are affecting elderly and disabled people see page 2 of this week’s County Times.