Serious collision in Horsham - February 1914

World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district

A serious accident in Horsham involving people from London.

“A serious motor and motor-cycle collision took place at Horsham at about half past twelve on Sunday, the picturesque and broad entry to the town being the scene of the mishap.

“People were returning from the services at the various places of worship at the time and the untoward event quickly attracted a crowd. It seems that Henry Mariani, of 120 Farringdon Road, London, was driving into the town a 4-seater touring car belonging to Mr C Bargioni of Red Cross Street, London, while travelling in the opposite direction was an 8hp Williams’ motor-cycle riddin by Dr Rood, of St Andrews Mansions, Manchester Square, London with Dr Herbert Ralph, of 25 Wimpole Street, London in the side-car

“The vehicles met near the junction with Rushams Road and a complete misunderstanding as to each others intentions ended in a collision well over on the Horsham Park side of the road. Dr Ralph had one leg broken and sustained a bad scalp wound while Dr Rood strained his back, severely wrenched his foot and cut his head.