Rare painting found in Twineham church - March 1914

World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district

A fascinating story of a famous painting found in a local church.

A quick search on the web reveals that the story was also featured in the New York Times at the time.

“Some years ago the late Mr Robert McKergow, of Twineham, bought an old oil painting for the sum of £30. The canvas was nearly black with age and exposure to different atmospheres.

“It was cleaned, and there appeared a composition of the Holy Family. Thinking the picture was more suitable for a church, the owner’s son, Mr R.W. McKergow, presented it to Twineham Church, and it was hung over the Chancel arch.

“When Rev Cresswell Gee, of London, was appointed rector, he was struck with the picture and got an idea that it was not a copy but an original painting by Camillo Procaccini.

“Inquiries were set on foot and directors of foreign galleries communicated with. Now, after the lapse of two years it has been found that Twineham Church possesses what is presumed to be the original ‘Holy Family” of Camillo Procaccini.”