Horsham rail fare concerns - March 1914

World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
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Interesting article in that it reveals how many railway stations existed in 1914 and the state of Horsham market 100 years ago.

“Mr Theobald at the close of a long [Horsham] Urban District Council meeting, pointed out that regulations had been issued by the Railway Company whereby there were cheap tickets to Horsham now only on alternate Wednesdays, instea dof every week.

“It was a matter of great importance and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

“Fifty-four stations throughout the district round Horsham were affected by these new regulations, which were supposed to come into force on January 1st.

“He knew they had a right to do it but it was rather high-handed to deal with the matter in the way they had. It meant a good deal to Horsham for it had been a recognised thing that the off-market day had been the best business day of the two.”