A magical cricket day out in 1896

In July 1896, the Sussex and London press reported the story of a visit that summer to Warnham Lodge by 600 Christ’s Hospital boys, staff and beadles from London. This may have appeared a little odd at the time as the school had not moved to Horsham, nor had it even been built.

The People of Beeding and Bramber in the Great War

Villagers’ lives in Great War explored in new book

Beeding and Bramber Local History Society has published a new book about people from the area who played their part in the First World War.

Victory Road school fire 1940

‘They didn’t save the cane, did they?’

There are always many questions to ask following a major fire – what caused it? Is everyone safe? How much damage was there?

Evacuees from Leytonstone arriving in Itchingfield in 1940

A home from home for World War Two evacuees

It’s hard to imagine how frightening it must have been for children who had to be evacuated during the Second World War.

Farm worker George Harding, of Lower Beeding, was over 80-years-old in 1934

Sussex life through George’s very old lens

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words – but when that picture was taken by a truly talented photographer it speaks 10,000 words.

Royal Sussex Regiment 'Lowther's Lambs' Battalion Officers at Cooden 1915.

Letters home from horrors of World War One

More than one million men were killed or wounded during the Battle of the Somme and thousands more taken prisoner.

News 1
Horse gets a treat at Sheps the newsagents, in North Street

Work of William Albery and a horse doing a spot of window shopping

With over 10,000 books to look through, a plain dull brown spine stood out.

Horsham's open air pool in 1976

1976 - when Horsham baked in a heatwave

As a soggy and less than ‘flaming’ June bids farewell, it’s worth turning the clock back 40 years to 1976 and the heatwave that hit Sussex, along with the rest of the South.


Poignant video tells the story of The Somme

Young men from across all of Sussex fought and died 100 years ago today (July 1) as the Battle of the Somme began.

Recruits with the Royal Sussex Southdown Battalion in 1915. Note how young some of them look

War records open to all to commemorate centenary of Battle of the Somme

With the 100th anniversary of the Battle of The Somme approaching, a family history website has made its entire collection of military records free to access.


From the rugged life of the Falklands to comfort of Sussex

The Falkland Islands were very much on people’s minds in 1983. The remote UK colony in the South Atlantic was still recovering from the 74-day conflict that had cost the lives of 910 military personnel and three civilians one year earlier.


Letter shares disgust at antics of Byron in 1816

Housed in Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum is a unique letter written on 6 June 1816.


Cranleigh Show marks 70th year

From horse teams, mass dairy cows and the first little grey Fergie, the Cranleigh Show – this year on June 19 – has charted all the changes in farming since the end of the Second World War.

Nelson Victor Carter

Sussex Lambs to the slaughter at Boar’s Head 1916

A century ago, at 3am on Friday June 30 1916, three battalions of the county regiment clambered over the parapet of their trenches to attack the enemy.

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Summertime 1983! Bring on the rain!

The year was 1983, the event was the Warnham Bumper Fun Day – and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The weather, the police and even some locals did their best to scupper the fun.


Messing around on stage in 1958

If an anguished cry of “oh, it’s finished” ever greets the end of a play, you know it’s been a good one.


Riding a bicycle made for 22 in 1972

We’ve all heard of a bicycle made for two, but how about a bicycle made for 22? This strange contraption made an appearance at the Horsham Lions’ gala in 1972, much to the delight of the children who got to sit on it.


Anniversaries and reunions in 1996

They say the older you get, the faster time passes. They’re right.


The men who bore a hero to his rest in 1979

The murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten left the country grieving and was one of the low points of 1979.


Warming up for the Olympics in 1979

There’s always in a bit of excitement as the Olympic games approach. While none of the contests held at the Nuthurst ‘pre-Olympics’ event were ever likely to make it big on the world stage, they were certainly a lot of fun.

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